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Acappella Rubber Industries was founded in 2008 years, is one of the largest manufacturer base on synthetic sports surface pavement materials, also a company combine atheltic field design and professional construction qualified license. is a collection of production, trade, construction and sports in an integrated industrial company.

The company has an area of over 50,000 square meters’s modern factory production warehouse, the company has annual production 100,000 square meters of sports running track pavement capabilities . Produced a series of paving materials : EPDM rubber granules, PU binder , Si-PU court materials , Rubber mat, Rubber tile and so on. A professional construction qualification which have seven domestic teams and three oversea team.

Our process begins with formulation development and the procurement of quality raw materials. Then we proceed with modern mode of production. This is a highly demanding and technical process that requires strict adherence to quality control standards at each step. Because we do all of this in our facility that is registered to the internationally recognized ISO-9001 quality standard, we can offer product quality and consistency much better than other suppliers.

In addition to quality assurance. Acappella Rubber Industries provides value in several other ways. From a technical standpoint we can modify our formulations to meet the varying physical properties that our customers require.

With this combination of quality control, technical assistance and product variety Acappella Rubber Industries can provide an optimal sport flooring materials for your application.

Acappella Rubber Industries